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About Us

About Us

Founded in 2014 by Monarch Jaiswal, DMC is the result of a vision to create a company where innovation and creativity thrive. Along with innovation and creativity, we adhere to proven engineering methods, which have helped DMC become a Digital Marketing Agency and Website and Software Development Company in Delhi India.

Our dedication to continued learning and certification in cutting-edge technologies helps us provide the highest possible level of technological expertise. Every DMC Team Member is continuously challenged to become better. We follow this strictly and this mantra permeates our culture and drives success in every project. It's not magic; it's dedicated talent. The company is reckoned as one of the most trusted information technology companies, owing to its proven command over the medium and in-depth understanding of digital media technology.

Know Monarch Better; A Tale of Struggle, Strength, and Passion.

With the deep essence of digital knowledge, Monarch has made a strong presence in the online marketing world. While business is a passion for her, she loves to create and understand innovations in technology and the digital world.

The story started in 1992, October, when she stepped in this world. Born in a family full of happiness, she had everything, but it did not last long. Her father was abducted in 1994, and the family didn't get him back ever. Everything changed from that moment onwards.

Brought up by her mother with a strong statement ", Do something in your life so that the world would be proud of you and treat you with dignity and respect. "She decided to start her venture.

In 2014, DMC, (, was formed.

A passion, a companion, everything for her. The core team initially had four members.

And now DMC is a team of 30+ Team members, More than 1200 client base, dealing in 11+ countries including USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, etc.

An agency which is helping multiple brands grows online, increase their sales and brand reputation.

Till now DMC has worked in almost all business sectors including education, politics, food and catering, transport, solar panels, hospitals, job agencies, Lifestyle, IT, etc. with a remarkable growth rate.

How Do We Work?

We put strategy first, tactics second - it's the core of everything we do. In digital marketing, tactics need purpose, passion, and commitment to get sustainable results. With DMC, you get a team of digital strategists, writers, SEO Experts, Conversion Rate Optimization analysts and UX/UI web developers who innovate, collaborate and push the limits to get the growth results you seek. We want more than just your order. We want to be your partner.

Our 6 Step Strategic Approach


Research & Personal Development

Before we start, we want a deep knowledge of your brand. We'll ask questions, listen and have discussions. We'll evaluate your competitors, look at user experience on all channels and check the existing online brand presence. We'll develop in-depth personas and map out buyers' journeys to gain insight into your ideal customers - where they spend their time and how they make decisions. This is a crucial step to any successful digital marketing plan.


Goals & Strategy

We'll work with you to set marketing goals and we'll make them SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound. Using the research, personas, and goals, we'll map out a strategic digital marketing plan that identifies the right content, channels, SEO, advertising, designs and any other tactics needed to achieve your goals and sustain growth. The strategy is your foundation.



Our techies and digital channel gurus will identify the latest tools and systems needed to support the strategy, create efficiencies and collect the data required to keep your program moving forward.



It's time to grow your leads and generate revenue. We'll execute the strategy and manage the tactics based on real-time data. When search and social algorithms change, we adjust. When data and testing reveal opportunity, we shift to capture it. It's a collaborative process, so you'll always see where we started and where your brand is heading.


Monitor & Measure

We use a comprehensive data collection system that pulls in your website traffic, leads, conversion opportunities, social channels, videos and more all into one real-time data dashboard so you can easily see and share how the pieces all work together. We believe in transparency. You'll see what's working, what's not working. And most importantly, you'll see how we aggressively monitor and measure your program effectiveness for positive ROI.


Continuous Improvement

We're a growth-driven, performance-based digital marketing agency. That means continuous improvement is tied to everything we do. Whether it's a new website, email campaign or lead generation, we'll monitor data, user experience, and industry trends to see where opportunity exists. We not only want you to have a solid digital foundation but also we want to support your business growth strategy.


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