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About Us

Digital Marketing Careers was founded by Waseem Ahmad and Monarch Jaiswal in 2014.

Meet Monarch: A Successful Failure of 1095 Days.

It all started with failure and anger. I somehow managed my first job as a lead generation visualizer just after completing my school. That gave me some confidence. My 2nd company was kind enough to promote me 3 times in 4 years in Digital Marketing Job, because of my efforts and skills. I thought I had found my path. But soon I realized that I need to do better. I began thinking about studying further and completed my masters in Computers from MTU. With studies, I was working in as a Digital Marketing Strategist under the guidance of a great mentor. He used to say: "Damaged people are dangerous; they know they can survive."

These words changed me, and my attitude towards everything forever.

My good, bad, everything.

All the un-support, evil, tried to break me and my self-confidence in unimaginable ways. But they didn't realize it was burying me to kill me was futile. Because I was a seed. I want to think I still am. I moved to Delhi in 2008.

Delhi taught me three things.

  1. If you have a skill and will, you have a future.
  2. If you want to have future of your dreams, you have to be passionate.
  3. If you have passion, you win.

Delhi was kind to me. It gave me many great peoples who are still my mentors, well-wishers, and friends(very few).

Three things more I learned in Delhi:

  1. The industry stalwarts are kind and approachable. One must know how to leverage opportunities.
  2. Avoid transactional relationships, and people will remember you.
  3. Never ask for help, offer help instead. You gain respect faster.

Anger is good, and so are dissatisfactions. But you have to be a little shameless to ignore them. Out of anger, I formed my own company. I had been working hard out of anger all of my life. In the end, I have created jobs for a dozen.

Passion motivates you to keep moving forward.

How Do We Work?

We put strategy first, tactics second - it's the core of everything we do. In digital marketing, tactics need purpose, passion, and commitment to get sustainable results. With DMC, you get a team of digital strategists, writers, SEO Experts, Conversion Rate Optimization analysts and UX/UI web developers who innovate, collaborate and push the limits to get the growth results you seek.

Our 6 Step Strategic Approach


Research & Personal Development

Before we start, we want a deep knowledge of your brand. We'll ask questions, listen and have discussions. We'll evaluate your competitors, look at user experience on all channels and check the existing online brand presence. We'll develop in-depth personas and map out buyers' journeys to gain insight into your ideal customers - where they spend their time and how they make decisions. This is a crucial step to any successful digital marketing plan.


Goals & Strategy

We'll work with you to set marketing goals and we'll make them SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound. Using the research, personas, and goals, we'll map out a strategic digital marketing plan that identifies the right content, channels, SEO, advertising, designs and any other tactics needed to achieve your goals and sustain growth. The strategy is your foundation.



Our techies and digital channel gurus will identify the latest tools and systems needed to support the strategy, create efficiencies and collect the data required to keep your program moving forward.



It's time to grow your leads and generate revenue. We'll execute the strategy and manage the tactics based on real-time data. When search and social algorithms change, we adjust. When data and testing reveal opportunity, we shift to capture it. It's a collaborative process, so you'll always see where we started and where your brand is heading.


Monitor & Measure

We use a comprehensive data collection system that pulls in your website traffic, leads, conversion opportunities, social channels, videos and more all into one real-time data dashboard so you can easily see and share how the pieces all work together. We believe in transparency. You'll see what's working, what's not working. And most importantly, you'll see how we aggressively monitor and measure your program effectiveness for positive ROI.


Continuous Improvement

We're a growth-driven, performance-based digital marketing agency. That means continuous improvement is tied to everything we do. Whether it's a new website, email campaign or lead generation, we'll monitor data, user experience, and industry trends to see where opportunity exists. We not only want you to have a solid digital foundation but also we want to support your business growth strategy.


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