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Brand Naming

Create an uncommon, appealing, and memorable brand name, an asset that can last forever. And, create smart naming systems for your entire portfolio of products, services, and offerings. Utilize brand naming strategy, creativity, legal/trademarks knowledge, linguistic understanding, and customer insight to create memorable and influential names that are ready for launch in markets. Through strategic naming systems, we organize and optimize product portfolios using an 'outside in' approach - focusing on customer needs and sales/purchase behavior to ensure choice and selection is clear and accessible.

Brand Architecture

Align and optimize your go-to-market brand(s), products, services, and offerings based on how your customers buy (not on what you make or how your org chart looks).

Organize, explain, and clarify how people inside and customers outside your organization understand the structure, relationship, and benefits of each of your brands across your portfolio. To maximize business value, we explore the best ways to create a healthy and robust brand portfolio using a simple, systematic, customer-centric process.

Brand Identity

Visually stand out - not just in your logo, but consistently and coherently across every single brand touchpoint and customer experience.

Create a unique and differentiating logo/visual identity that blends the perfect combination of type, style, symbol, and color. We create visual identities designed to be used across all digital and analog brand touchpoints. We use brand guidelines, workshops, and communication tools, to help ensure the brand identity creates a consistent and coherent expression for all audiences - external and internal.

Brand Messaging

Clarify what your brand stands for through a robust framework of messages and voice characteristics precisely written to appeal to your various target audiences.

Develop the key messages that clarify and articulate the brand's definition and promise to all key audiences. We work with you to identify the needs and desires of your unique audiences, including the development of psychographic profiles and personas. Then, we craft personalized messaging that precisely fits their needs. These messages can be organized into an overall guideline document or summarized in an easy-to-digest messaging matrix.

Brand Research

Make smarter decisions about your brand through precise evaluation programs designed to understand the needs, beliefs, and expectations of your audience and prospective customers.

Create customized evaluation tools to understand audience views and perceptions of brand elements. Our unique research tools cover a variety of methodologies from classic qualitative focus group to quantitative research to more unconventional approaches as well as approaches that leverage the power of social media. Our solutions provide summary insights and actionable recommendations to spur brand growth.

Brand Evaluation

Understand your brand's health, discover what's working (and not working), and make actionable recommendations on areas for improvement and growth.

We value the brand's proposition including product, positioning, and communication, while also assessing the marketplace context: consumer, competition, and trends. Finally, we examine the internal forces and dynamics that impact the brand. The outcome is a report of findings including an assessment of brand 'health,' strengths and opportunities, recommendations and action items, and a strategic roadmap to guide future branding.

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire Us

Our Track-Record

10+ years of success and an impressive, broad portfolio of work and brands.

Our Knowledge

Deep understanding of how to create and build successful brands.

Our Perspective

Knowing precisely what you need and how we can best help you.

Our Process

Customized, easy to understand, proven ways to solve your business need & challenges.

Our Focus

Expertise and specialism around a few core practice areas of your business and challenges.

Our Ideas

Thoughtful, creative, and strategic and always 'on brand.'

Our Leadership

Guidance, insight, and direction to unify stakeholders and make smart decisions.

Our Speed

Working quickly and effectively to help solve critical brand challenges

Our People

Small, experienced, senior-level teams who don't take themselves too seriously.

Our Passion

For what we do and our enthusiasm for your business and challenges.


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